My daughter is 2 and half years old and started taking classes at the Little Sunshine Music Studio a few months ago.  My husband and I enrolled our little girl in order to increase her interaction with kids more her age in a fun environment.  However, what we got was so much more.  We’ve seen leaps and bounds of improvement in speech, social and behavior skills, and a found love of music and dance.   In this short time her vocabulary has expanded, we believe in part it’s due to the monthly themes and the fun way in which the children are taught and asked to engage.
The monthly themes have introduced new words, songs and activities and the best part is that we receive a CD and instrument every month so we can play at home too. We are now starting a little musical collection which we play with often. She recognizes objects and sounds introduced in the lessons and has even learned to sign a few of them.
The class has taught my little one sharing skills as the children take turns choosing fun exercises to start the class with and everyone gets a chance to play with the instruments in class. Taking turns and sharing was not part of her norm before starting at the studio, so seeing her take turns with no fuss is amazing.
I love seeing how happy she gets when we enter the studio and knowing we’re building on so many skills in such a fun way. Parent participation is encouraged and it really is amazing to see how fun the activities are and how you can carry the lessons home and continue them with the aid of the CDs.
For anyone with little ones, I definitely would recommend The Little Sunshine Studio as it’s an amazing way to learn by music and play.
~Andrea L.
My whole family loves Little Sunshine Music Studio. Music has always been an important part of parenting to me, but our area was lacking a family centered music program. Since starting weekly classes 6 months ago my two year old has grown so much. He asks to go to music class, feels proud when he walks in and everyone says hello, he has mastered social skills and learned to follow directions. He also incorporates the beats, songs and words into his everyday play. My 4 year old loves the family classes. He gets to help his younger brother learn and move, and he also loves singing and dancing with friends. Our four year old loved celebrating his birthday with his friends at the music studio. Pam had a special song just to celebrate him and his love of cats. We all look forward to doing to fun family open plays and special classes to celebrate different seasons. Our newest baby is only three months old but we already can see a future of him growing in the studio. Our youngest has Down Syndrome and music therapy has been proven to improve language, social skills and motor skills at all ages. Knowing how wonderful music classes are for all three of our boys makes Little Sunshine Music Studio an important place for our family. 
~Sandra E.

Taking consistent classes with Pam at Little Sunshine Music Studio has had an immeasurable impact on my three year old. I wasn't sure what to expect since he has a very short attention span and never really seemed interested in music. He's been attending weekly classes for about three months and is incredibly excited each week for "music day". When I watch him during class, he gleefully participates and listens to Ms. Pam. He's excited to show me the things that he's learned and the lessons on rhythm have spread to our home where he's become a dancing machine! 

Pam is loving and kind and deeply cares about her profession. All of the lessons are linked back to brain development and it's reassuring to me as a parent that the time and finances put toward the classes reach far, far beyond the singing, story telling and dancing. I've seen such great things with my three year old that I'm now taking my 8 month old to the infant class. Even as an infant, I can tell that he is incredibly absorbed in the stories, tummy time and lessons - I can't wait to see what he continues to learn!
~Lindsey R.

My youngest is 20 months and has been doing Kindermusik since she was 8 months old. This program has really helped her come out of her shell and developed her into the confident music loving toddler she is now. She gets so excited to go to music class to see her friends and socialize and now even requests her favorite songs to be sung at home too. I have enjoyed watching her meet major milestones with the help of Kindermusik from walking to running to now jumping and it has helped her tremendously with her speech and vocabulary as I have noticed how much more she speaks and at a much younger age than my older child.
My 4 year old also enjoys her “big girl music class” on Fridays with her friends that she has met at Little Sunshine Music Studio. Pam is like a second mother to her and she loves learning from her and everything her class has to offer. Kindermusik has helped Aubrey become a better listener and much better at following directions even at home now. It has allowed her to express herself with the help of music and enabled her to more easily handle her big emotions. Aubrey has such a love of music and is excited to continue to grow with Kindermusik and looks forward to playing the glockenspiel more.
We love KindermusiK at Little Sunshine Music Studio!
Much thanks and love to Ms. Pam!
~Brittany C.